Taco Salad

I always have the weirdest and most specific cravings, and if I ignore it then I go around for the next few days just thinking of why I didn’t make that. So today’s craving was for nachos. I had it all planned out, I was going to make a nice vegan cheese sauce and bake my tortillas in the oven, waiting for all the delicious toppings to melt and mix together. But I got home, and forgot that all my potatoes had gone bad, which really sucks when all you want is this sauce. Anyways, on to plan b… a taco salad. Minus the delicious gooey cheese sauce I was craving but honestly this was so good that it wasn’t even necessary.

Also I’m usually not the type of person to eat fake meat, but I do like to try them out occasionally.

Anyways it’s pretty simple to make because I never have the energy to make something complicated when I’m hungry.


½ cup of yves original veggie ground beef

1 small handful of daiya cheddar cheese

4 tbsp salsa

4 whole mushrooms

1 ripe avocado

1 romaine lettuce heart

A drizzling of sriracha

½ lemon

Tortilla chips – choose whichever kind is your favourite

Salt and pepper to taste


Just heat up the veggie ground beef with the sliced up mushrooms until it’s all warm and toasty. You can also use whatever veggies you want, but I didn’t have anything else in my fridge.

Cut up the lettuce and place in a bowl.

Mash up the avocado in a separate bowl and squeeze in some lemon juice and add salt and pepper.

Pour the beef mixture over the lettuce and top with sriracha, salsa, avocado and daiya cheese.

Eat with tortilla chips if that’s your thing, (it’s definitely my thing) but you can just eat it like a salad too.


If you try it out, I hope you like it as much as I did!


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