Sloppy Joes: Vegan Student Edition

Every time I meet up with my friends one thing they always ask me is how I manage to make meals that are healthy but quick considering our busy schedules. And maybe it’s because I love cooking, but I never see making food as a hassle or something that “needs to get done”. It’s a way to stress relieve and a way to make sure the food that is entering my body is somewhat healthy.

So this “sloppy joe” or whatever you decide to call it, is a meal idea that may seem kind of strange, but I think it tastes pretty good and it is filled with protein, carbs, and your daily dose of veggies to make sure you’re fuelled for your busy day.

Not only is this meal super simple to make, it’s also relatively cheap (depending on the type of vegetables you buy) which is always a bonus.

What you’ll need:

Can of lentils



Tortilla, toast or crackers

Greens and other veggies, get whatever you like since you’re the one whose going to be eating it

Optional: hemp seeds


Heat up a pan on medium-high heat.

Take canned lentils, after they’re nice and drained and pour into warm pan.

Let cook for around 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Look into your fridge/pantry and see if you have tortillas, toast or crackers and heat up as appropriate for each option… obviously you aren’t going to be heating up crackers.

Stir in as much Sriracha and ketchup as you desire, and let cook for another 3-5 minutes so the sauce gets warm too.

Add the warmed lentil mixture to your carb of choice and add some greens and other veggies (I usually add tomatoes and cucumbers) and voila!, a quick and healthy meal in a matter of minutes.

If using hemp seeds, now you can sprinkle them on for a little nutritious addition.

Also, if you’re creating this just for yourself then you’ll have some leftovers which is always a good thing.


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